You will be surprised to know the exact method of getting out of body …

 Do you want to move out of your body and travel around the world? Flying faster than the speed of sound, you can come to India from America or America. Surely you will find it difficult, funny or funny, but it is very easy. If you try it, then surely it will be successful. You can come out of the astral body and return to your body again.

Those who have studied all the methods of Upanishads and meditation, they probably know how it is possible. Now, it has been proved by scientists that there is another body within the person that is connected to the center of the navel and the brain. It is called a subtle body

 After death, the soul comes from the body, see the picture. When we fall asleep, our astral body becomes active. This body sees only the dream and the body has the capacity to imagine in the awakened state. With this our mind and wisdom are connected; The pineal gland located between our gross brain The navel is the main center of energy whereas consciousness of mind in the brain.
How would it be possible:
First Step: By understanding this as a good sense of suspicion or awakening, if you meditate for three consecutive months, then this astral body becomes more active and ready to get out of your body. Walking, walking, watching, listening, sleeping, awake etc. While doing any work, you remain in witnessing. That is, to see every one of your movements, not to be involve in it. As some people watch the film, they become so invasive that they begin to laugh, cry or become emotional. It is also called unconscious man.
 What is your first witness for this?
 How to do it. How to meditate In this regard, the books of saints should be thoroughly studied. Understand the process of seeing itself. Except mechanical life, the living life style should be adopted. One should focus on the empty space between the two ideas. There is an empty space between two breaths, that is the secret of the same religion, it must be understood seriously.
Second step: If your witness starts boiling, then you will also be witnessing your sleep and dreams in sleep. Use on your sleep. Gold is important, but seeing sleep is the most important thing to wake up while sleeping. It is important to understand the difference between being awake and sleeping in sleep. When this happens, then you will be entitled to your dream. Continuing meditation, you will not dream again, but you will become a man awake within sleep. It is called Asuta Muni in Buddhism.  When a person wakes up in sleep, he sees the ongoing dream as a witness and he also feels that his body is sleeping in deep sleep. The gross eyes of such a person are closed, but the eyes of the astral body are opened, due to which he can see everything.
 Caution: It is important to take special care of keeping a balance in sleep and awakening. For this, it is also necessary to exercise in the day and to take good food and fasting. If spicy tamasic, rasji consumes food or intoxication, it has a bad effect on the body. In this way your entire focus or witness fails. Changes also occur in sleep and awakening. Then organize food and workout for good sleep and awakening.
Third step: When you take control over sleep and dream then you will feel the feeling of being in your astral body. Now you slowly try to get out of the body. First you will get up and sit down. You will start to feel light. Just as there is no scientific move in space, in the same way your own body will swim in the air, beyond the power of gravity. That is why you should stand first, after trying to get up slowly.

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