Tips for lucid dream.

Come and sleep. If you are extremely tired then it works best. Your eyes closed on your back on your back. Still be steady. You should wake up. Your brain will send signals to our body to see if you are ready to sleep. These signs include: itching, changing the condition of your body, napping or taking our eyes (remember that your eyes must be closed). You must have these imposers of Igor LL. After approximately 20-30 minutes you will feel losing your chest weight:;:ou can hear strange noise too. You are now in the sleepy Aralsis, if you open your eyes, you will start Helusinet (open your eyes to see dreams) and you will not be able to move your body. Your Odi is now sleeping completely. Now that you know that you are dreaming, close your eyes and start dreaming immediately. You will be absolutely careful that you are dreaming and now (with some practice) you can control your reams.

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