My thought about LD.

What is lucid dream ?

LD Dream is the state of dream when we are sleeping and dreaming, but we all know it is a dream, not realities.

I’ve seen these dreams many times and have done a lot of fun too.

1 In this kind of dream, we can do everything we can fly in the air. We can get out of the eye, we can go to the universe, everything is different from this.

2 If you want to see a lucid dream then you need meditation because meditation benefits our conscious mind from the conscious mind.

3 It is not necessary that you will meditate and you will come to the Lucid Dream. It can take a little time also 1 month 2 months

4 You do not have to think anything while doing meditation. You have to stay sitting and meditate for 1 hour. Do not think much about the lucid dream and then you sleep

5 Write whatever you dream of, because when you next dream you will have meditation, I have seen it and you will become rich, this is the only factory

6 Lucid Dream has no bad effect, but it empowers our thinking This is my experience. Whenever I sleep by meditation, I get lucid dream

7 When I first saw Lucie time I was not able to make a difference whether it is reality or dream I was touching the road It was reality or dream

8 If you see a lucid dream and you are not aware that reality is a dream then you can see the timing or the newspaper

9 Because you will not be able to read newspaper and not see the time properly and you will know it is a dream and you will get rich

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