Methods of Third Eye Meditation and its Benefits

After some time of meditation, its results are obtained. So do not be hasty and gradually make meditation a part of everyday life. Third Eye Meditation gives you new energy.

The third eye of our third eye means our inner eye which is the center of our energy. It is the center of this eye in the very middle of our brain. It is called the pineal gland in the language of biology, when it is active, it is understood that your energy is more than that. Third eye meditation is done to awaken the third eye, which is your energy center. Let’s know how

1. Choose your location: You need a quiet place for meditation. So choose a nice cool place.

2. Choose the right time: Choose the right time as the right place Most people do meditation in the morning. If you want to do meditation at any other time of the day.

3. Stretch the body: Stretch your body for 30 seconds before meditation. By stretching, the whole body is in a correct mode.

4. Sit in the right position: By sitting in the lithia, it is considered to be the correct condition for meditation. This increases your ability to focus and the system’s ability to breathe easily.
Keep your waist straight.
Keep the chest widened and sit in the lid.
Keep your head straight and keep your eyes closed.

5. Breathing: Breeding is essential for meditation. Slowly breathe and leave and focus on your breathing action i.e. meditate. Count on every deep breath and repeat this verb

6. Keep your mind empty: this is the point at which you start focusing on the third eye. Which is between the middle of your eyes, close your eyes and try to focus on the third eye. Count the reverse counting while focusing on the third eye, do not worry if you are not able to focus on it together. Focusing on the third eye takes a little time.

7. Focus on the third eye: When you focus on the third eye, you can see only the dark except for the third eye chakra is the cycle of the third eye. This is a sign of the fact that your third eye is awake and both parts of your brain are working together, and it starts communicating a new energy in your body itself.

8. Third Eye Cognition: Its sensation is different for different people. People have different views, including waterfalls, nature, people, trains and various scenes. It may be the first time you have a headache in this action but do not panic on it as you try to focus on the picture of the third eye in your mind.

9. End the meditation: Slowly remove your eyes from the third eye. Stay relaxed but pay more attention to your breaths, take care of your breaths and breathe and leave and slowly open your eyes.

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