How to know the mind of others.

Without the help of any tool, the art of knowing people’s mind is called telepathy. It is not necessary that we contact anybody. We can listen to any person sitting away, listening through it and seeing Know his position.

Q What is telegraph?

The term telepathy was first used in 1882 by Friedrich W.H. Myers. It is said that the person who is awake in this sixth sense knows that what is going on in the mind of others. This is the subject of parapsychology in which many types of telepathy are reported. With the word ‘Tele’ only words, telephone etc. are created. All these are distant messages and picture capture devices. There is such a capacity in human brain too. When a person grasps a person’s mind or speaks of a falling incident and is describing it, then it is said to be a person rich in traditional knowledge. In the Mahabharata, Sanjay had this capability. He had told the story of the ongoing war to Dhritarashtra. Read on the next slide- Methods of telepathy ….

How to Develop Telepathy There are three ways of Telepathy:

1. Meditation

2. Yoga

3. Modern techniques

1. Continuous meditation of attention, the mind starts to feel stable. Strength and peace of mind comes from witnessing. This sensory state is essential for telepathy. The person who meditates can understand the matter of anyone’s mind. How far can the person’s position and conversation be described?

2. In Yoga Yoga, this power can be achieved through the power of Yoga. When there is restraint in the state of knowledge, there is knowledge about the other’s mind. If the mind is calm then the power to know the other’s mind will be achieved. You can learn this knowledge through Yoga in the form of astrology and prana. Modern methods will increase the ability to see and listen carefully according to the modern methods, then the voice of the front will also be heard. Regular practice is required for this. Even through hypnosis, the conscious mind can be awakened and the subconscious mind can be awakened.

How to Develop Telepathy What is the subconscious mind and conscious mind

1. Animate mind can also consider it awakened mind. By living in the conscious mind, we settle daily tasks i.e. we work with open eyes. According to science, the part of the brain that we are aware of in the actions that occur.

2. The subconscious mind that the mind is dreaming is the subconscious mind. It is also called semi conscious mind. This mind keeps awake even in deep sleep state. According to science, beyond the waking brain, there is another part of the mind, the subconscious mind. What makes the subconscious mind 1. This mind tells us how to avoid the dangers coming. You can also call it the Sixth Indri. This mind keeps protecting us constantly.

3. This mind of the disease that we get is reported 6 months ago and if we are ill then it also tries to keep us healthy. Telepathy is possible only by awakening and keeping this mind through meditation and yoga

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