FIFA World Cup 2018: Russians ‘Superhero’ Goalkeeper Breaks Spain’s Heart

Host Russia entered the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Round of 16 defeating former world champion Spain 4-3 in the penalty shootout. Hero of Russia’s victory or U say that superhero goalkeeper Igor was unexpected. Akinfov won the match in an exciting match by stopping the shot of Koke and Lago Aspp during the penalty shootout.
Spain has never achieved success in defeating the host country in the World Cup or European Championships. However, in the 12th minute, 38-year-old Sergey Igneshev of Russia gave a golden gift to win by making a suicide goal. It was also the 10th suicide goal of the current tournament. Sergey Ignashevich became the oldest player to score a suicidal goal in the World Cup.
2010 World Champion retained control of the ball, but he could not make any attempt to score in the first half. Russia fought equally Alexander Golovin made a vigorous effort to score, but he could not succeed. Gerrard Pickk gave handball to Russia in the 42nd minute as a penalty gift.

Igor Akkinov
Forward Artem de Juba, turning the penalty into the goal, scored the third goal of the tournament and scored the score of Russia 1-1. D. Jubba was fully involved in four of Russia’s last seven world goals. He scored three goals during this period while helping one. He filled the 78,000 audience at the Moscow Luzhanchi Stadium
After this, the players of both the teams kept looking for opportunities to score goals. Spain recorded a special record in his name from Tiki Tika Pass. Spain scored more than a thousand in the match, which is a record. However, he failed to enter the Russian camp and the fight went into the penalty shootout after the extra time.

In the penalty shootout, Spain scored the first goal by Andreas Iniesta, while Fedor Smolov made a brilliant goal scorer on behalf of Russia. After this, Gerrard Crick scored on Spain’s side by scoring a goal of 2-1, while on behalf of Russia, Ignashevich scored a goal and scored the score equal to 2-2.
Coca made a brilliant kick on behalf of Spain, but Akkinov blocked the first attack on Spain’s heart. Golovin scored the goal and gave Russia a 3-2 lead. After this, Ramos scored the goal scorer with 3-3 from Spain. On the other hand, the next goal was scored by Dennis Cherishchev, who scored a 4-3 lead by Russia’s Rough. Llago Aspas came to take the last shot for Spain, but Igor Akkinov stopped it and immortalized his name on the pages of history.

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