If you want to look beautiful and fair, then eat the empty stomach every morning, these 3 things,

Whether a boy or a girl, everybody wants his face to be clean, but due to black stains, pimples, blackness and dusky skin, the brightness of the face starts to fade away. Many people believe that somebody’s white color will change his hundred This is the reason that even today, most of the people in India are attracted to white color. Everybody has a dream to look beautiful, and people have enough to fulfill this dream. The pets go to the parlor, make them fascial, do a lot of things apart from putting on different types of cream on the face.

Every day, taking a glass of carrot juice, it comes with a face pe glow. Caesar has vitamin A and c, which is useful for getting beautiful skin.

Vitamin C and E are in high amounts in the broccoli. Also, there are antioxidants in it too. It removes constipation and makes the skin glowing.

After eating, eat some quantity of sunfish. The sun cleans the blood, which is why it is helpful to change the color.